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Reckoning is the band’s first full length album.

is NOLA Rock!

RetroElectro is a Rock and Roll band from New Orleans, or NOLA, featuring Joseph Avalos (bass), Christopher Kain (drums), Emmett Mayer (guitar/vocals), and Hugo Miranda (guitar/vocals).

The band is electric-guitar-centric with influences from all points along the Rock and Roll timeline. Fast rockers, slower pieces, and passages where all instruments play separate parts that combine into a cohesive whole are all part of the RetroElectro sound. Featuring two lead vocalists and all members singing in song choruses – the band offers a full, yet uncluttered presentation.

Emmett Mayer describes the band’s creative process: “It is really neat compared to other bands I have been in. The four of us get together and someone starts things off with an idea. We kick it around and add or subtract parts until a decent song structure emerges. Then Hugo will try out some vocal melodies which I then try to put some lyrics to. The end result ends up surprising all of us. We are definitely a ‘whole is better than the sum of its parts’ type of band.”

RetroElectro came together out of a weekly jam session among NOLA musicians. Christopher Kain and Emmett Mayer, who had played together in a couple of previous bands, started jamming with some friends. Hugo Miranda, who hails from Miami but spent a few years rocking NYC before arriving in New Orleans, was soon invited to join in and after six months the three jammers solidified into a working project. The missing piece was found when bassist Joseph Avalos, who had just moved to NOLA from New Mexico, showed up and never left.

With the lineup complete the group got busy writing songs with each member bringing their own ideas and influences to the table. In 2012 the group officially dubbed themselves RetroElectro, as a nod to the guitar rock of the 90s, and entered Fudge Recording Studio to record with Grammy-nominated producer Jack Miele. Two singles, The Love‚ and Dreaming of the Moon were released to online outlets and the band began playing live shows across the New Orleans area.

In 2013 the band returned to Fudge with Jack Miele and recorded basic tracks for several new songs. These sessions were then completed at the Music Shed Studios in 2014. The sessions culminated with the release of a self-titled five-song EP in 2015 which featured three new songs “All Day,” “T-REX‚” and “She Denies It” alongside the group’s first two singles.

In early 2015 the band entered OCD Recording and Production studio with producer Duane Simoneaux (CROWBAR, SPACEMETAL, STERO FIRE EMPIRE) to record their first full length album. 10 songs made the grade and were release in summer of 2016 as the Reckoning album. It features the songs Like a Laser, Fountainhead, Good ’Til Sunday, Against It All, Running In Time, Athena, The Dancer, Bottle, Winning, and Reckoning.




RetroElectro is, above left to right, Christopher Kain, Hugo Miranda, Emmett Mayer, and Joseph Avalos.


The self-titled EP, RETROELECTRO, is available here. The EP’s songs are also available as single digital downloads at online music outlets.

All Day


She Denies It

Dreaming of the Moon

The Love